An Honest Taxi Driver Is Definitely A Good Father


Things are changing so fast. The old garage at Alpha Best Taxi took new shape, four year old kid, Nancy, who I drove to Scottdale with her mother back then casted vote in recent presidential election and the roads of Snow Mountain witnessed many new commercial buildings.

Change is inevitable. Even I am changed, individually and socially. Single to double to a father of two kids. I was just 25 when I joined Alpha Best Taxi in 2003.

Sometime I watch myself in the looking glass of my taxi and figure out myself as a socially responsible person. I am the one among all those honest drivers who knowingly or unknowingly contributed a lot from his side in the making of better society.

Being a night shift taxi driver is not that easy. You have to confine yourself within the strict moral rules and social responsibilities which will definitely help a lot in the making of safe society.

Give no room to Greed:

Passengers sometimes leave valuable things in the taxi like mobile phone and purse loaded with cash. And this rate is greater during night in comparison to day. As a socially responsible person, it is a responsibility of a driver to deposit it at the office of the service providing company. Your small decent approach will make a big difference in the making of better society.

Never cheat passenger:

Normally, passengers are easy to cheat at night than on day. But do you think this act will make you (a driver) a millionaire? No, never! And even if it does, never cheat passenger. A passenger might forget your name or face but they will always remember you as an honest driver throughout their life. Your misbehavior can ruin the image of all honest drivers. So do not make others a part of your unacceptable behavior. Stay true to yourself.

Never take advantage of passenger:

Generally, people feel unsecured during night. And this is true with those people who are new in the town or city. They are the people who need your help at this wee hour so never try to take advantage of their state in the middle of the night. As a responsible citizen, it is your responsibility to give him/her best suggestions. This is also a time to prove yourself as a human by offering some humanistic support or service. And it takes nothing to be a human, just serve honestly.

Aforementioned three facts are the guidelines that I have been following since the start of my driving career at Alpha Best. I do not have big stories to reveal but one small incident with Nancy always focused me on the path of humanity.

I dropped Nancy and her mother at her home at around 11 Pm in Scottdale in 2003. She left her Marie Antoinette Barbie on the seat. I realized this early in the morning and rushed to her home. Nancy was sleeping and her mother collected the doll and she thanked me with a memorable line which I regard as moral of my life: “Thank you so much. You must have been a good father.”

Yes, yes, an honest taxi driver is definitely a good father. Yes!

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