Arabia Mountain Trail – Lithonia, GA


Arabia Mountain is a Monadnock, located in Lithonia, Georgia. This beautiful mountain is a part of the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. The Peak of Arabia Mountain is 954 feet, i.e. 290 m above sea level and rises 170 feet i.e. 52m above the Arabia lake reservoir. Just like Stone Mountain and Panola Mountain, the Arabia Mountain also appears to be composed of granite. This mountain provides interesting trails to its visitors. You can find general information about the Arabia Mountain Trail below:


Trail Length: 2.3 miles Trail Type: Loop
County: DeKalb County, GA Usage: Medium
Trail Surfaces: Concrete Trail Category: Rail-Trail
Trail End Points: Rockdale River Trail at South River to Johnson Street Additional Trails: Hiking Trails in DeKalb County, GA

The Arabia Mountain Trail is a great destination for recreation and relaxation. The trail is mostly on solid rock with very few low areas. On the low areas, you can see lovely pine trees. The trail winds its way through the giant rock outcroppings, past rushing streams plunging in woodland, waterfalls and among farmland and fields of wildflowers undulating in the breeze. As a part of the main trail complex, there are several side trails that link the town of Lithonia as well as Evans Mill Road and Panola Mountain State Park. Similarly, at its south end, the trail connects to both the South River Trail and the Rockdale River Trail.

Things to Explore in Arabia Mountain Trail

There are various things and places to explore in the Arabia Mountain Trail like natural wonders, compelling history and different heart-pumping activities. The best ways to explore the Arabia Mountain Trail is through hiking or biking. If you are planning a hiking trip to Arabia Mountain Trail, then get ready to discover the rare plants and fascinating geology at The Davidson-Arabia Nature Preserve and Panola Mountain State Park. You can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Atlanta City from the peak of the Arabia Mountain. On the Arabia Mountain Trail, you can learn about the two cultures (Flat Rock Archives and Monastery of the Holy Spirit) that form the modern fabric of the heritage area.

If hiking is not your cup of tea and you prefer biking, you can bike along the path, passing by the historic farms and enjoy the beautiful view along the shoals of the South River. You can set the pace and distance of your biking activity according to your choice.

Important Note:

The Arabia Mountain Trail include many federally endangered species of fauna and flora that are very essential to he ecological balance of that area. Remember to take precaution and care while hiking and biking in the Arabia Mountain Trail to help preserve nature and ecosystem of the area. Join or contribute a donation to Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance for the cause and mission to preserve, conserve and share the wonders of the Arabia Mountain Trai Heritage Area

On your visit to Lithonia, GA, don’t miss to visit one or more of these trails. The attractions in these Arabic Mountain Trails will definitely make your visit to Lithonia worth remembering.

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