An Honest Taxi Driver Is Definitely A Good Father

taxi driver

Things are changing so fast. The old garage at Alpha Best Taxi took new shape, four year old kid, Nancy, who I drove to Scottdale with her mother back then casted vote in recent presidential election and the roads of Snow Mountain witnessed many new commercial buildings. (more…)

Brief Notes Of A Responsible Traveler

Responsible Traveler

A chill of thrill and excitement runs through the spine no sooner we start planning for the trip. Visiting new place, meeting new people and learning new culture and tradition there is truly mesmerizing for anyone. (more…)

Book A Taxi Before Arriving In Stone Mountain

taxi hire

Every year thousands of tourists get in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The destination is perfect tourist site as there are many things to do here. (more…)

Alpha Best Taxi: Another Name of Quality Service

taxi service

Vehicles run on fuel or gas. This is universal fact. None can deny it. Entire organizations including transportation service providing, on the other hand, run on one of the important factors of business. We call it goodwill. Yes, it (goodwill) is equally essential to keep any business thrive. And for taxi service providers, it is must. (more…)

Is Your kid Safe On Ride?

safe kid

Are you riding in a taxi with kid/s? Well, consider few things before acceleration as it is directly related with the safety of your child. There are various laws in different states of the US in this regard and the core of all laws is to give you and your child a safe and sound ride. (more…)

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