8 Ways You Are Paying Too Much For Your Travels


We all look forward to vacations and have our own idea of perfect getaway. Yet, we all have one thing in common when we travel is spending more than we actually need to. (more…)

Historic Places & Monuments in Atlanta, Georgia

Fox Theatre

If you’re a buff for American history, Atlanta, Georgia is one sure place to visit. Atlanta is the capital city of US state of Georgia and has amazing places and monuments to satisfy your history buff. (more…)

Taxis & Technology history


Taxicabs have become a part of our culture and you can find a taxi almost anywhere on the road or at the airport. Today, there are a variety of different cabs from horse drawn tourist attraction to standard yellow taxis to luxury sedans or limos. (more…)

How To Beat Jet Lag

Jet Lag

For a frequent traveler or international traveler, everyone must have to deal with jet lag. (more…)

Driving Safely in Snow & Ice

Driving in Snow

Driving conditions can be treacherous with even the slightest bit of ice on the road. Roads are slippery and winter plummeting temperatures can affect tire pressures and grips. (more…)

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