Super Moms are The Blessed One

This blog is especially dedicated to my husband and Alpha Best Taxi as their timely service triggered my writing interest. I know I am not a good writer but I am a super mother and I guess this is the true story of every working mom.


Fundamental Rights of Taxi Passengers

Taxi is probably the most convenient means of transportation in the US. More than 50,000 taxis roll on the road of New York alone. It is reported that around 300,000 passengers reach to their destination through taxi every day in New York.

Taxi passengers have certain rights which they might not know. In this blog we will highlight the rights of taxi passenger:


Things to Know Prior Hiring a Limo for Corporate Clients

Hosting a corporate event? The main thing you need to focus on is getting the hospitality right. Well, corporate events are the perfect place to make a good impression on clients, and establish a strong network. What you need to do is provide them a smooth and comfortable transportation for them. You can start with a reliable limousine service provider.

To help you out, here are some of the things you need to be sure about prior to hiring a limo for corporate clients.

Enjoy the Benefits of Multiple Hiring

Multiple hiring is an efficient way that helps large number of people gets to their destination in a short period of time. There will be two or more hirers using the same taxi at the same time.

But, when friends or workmates are travelling together and the fare is paid at the end of the journey by each individual, irrespective of how many drop offs there may be, this is called a shared riding, not a multiple hiring. Multiple hiring is highly encouraged during those times of the year when the demand of a medium level transportation exceeds the supply. (more…)

Taxi frauds you should be aware of

taxi scams

Ever wondered, if you got ripped-off by a taxi driver? We all have heard about the pickpockets and scams while travelling. We, as a traveler, think that we are smart enough to avoid getting fooled. But, the truth is, we always fall in the traps of a taxi driver. Also, when you take a taxi occasionally, you are highly prone to the taxi scams. Here are the most common travel frauds.


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