Alpha Best Taxi: Another Name of Quality Service

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Vehicles run on fuel or gas. This is universal fact. None can deny it. Entire organizations including transportation service providing, on the other hand, run on one of the important factors of business. We call it goodwill. Yes, it (goodwill) is equally essential to keep any business thrive. And for taxi service providers, it is must. (more…)

Is Your kid Safe On Ride?

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Are you riding in a taxi with kid/s? Well, consider few things before acceleration as it is directly related with the safety of your child. There are various laws in different states of the US in this regard and the core of all laws is to give you and your child a safe and sound ride. (more…)

Economics? Learn Taxo-Nomics For Free Friday Ride

Taxi is associated with meter just like a pen with ink and bread with butter. There is one more thing that is directly related between you and taxi meter—your heart beat. Faster the meter moves, up goes (increases) the heart beat. Why? The figure appearing in the meter is your expense and it directly attacks your back pocket (wallet).


Five Habits Of Best Taxi Drivers

A driver is a face of any taxi service providing company. Entire company with huge investment completely relies on him (driver). He acts as a bridge between organization and the customer. Man behind the steering is the one who is responsible for giving actual service and get feedback from the passenger.


Super Moms are The Blessed One

This blog is especially dedicated to my husband and Alpha Best Taxi as their timely service triggered my writing interest. I know I am not a good writer but I am a super mother and I guess this is the true story of every working mom.


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