Tips On Driving On A Downpour

Driving On A Downpour

Spring and summer showers means nature is filled with colors and gives us respite from the sweltering summer heat but wet pavements contributes to half of the road accidents than those from wintry conditions like snow, ice and sleet. These accidents occur due to heavy traffic, flooded roads, poor visibility and difficult driving conditions. (more…)

Tips For Safer Road Travel With Pets

travel with pets

Some pet owners won’t enjoy much of their vacation if they couldn’t bring along their four legged family member with them. But traveling with pets involves more than just loading the animal into the back seat and driving off, especially if you are going for a long distances. (more…)

Car Rental Tips to Avoid Scams and Shocks

Car rental

Are you planning a trip aboard? Need wheels for trip? Then renting a car is your best solution giving you full flexibility over where you go and when. But there’s more to consider than driving on the other side of the road. From international driving permits to insurance, renting a car can be a bit more complicated than renting one at home.


Why hire taxi service for long distance travel?

taxi travell

No doubt you own a car. Well even if you don’t own a car you would not have much of a hassle getting to work taking a subway or bus ride. But sometimes you have an important meeting or flight to catch driving yourself or taking a subway can be stressful and even may take longer than you expected. (more…)

Taxi Safety Precautions for Incident-Free Night Out

taxi safety

When you are planning a night out it’s better to be safe than sorry. Planning your route and knowing what to do in emergency situations will make your night out safe and fun. (more…)

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