Brief Notes Of A Responsible Traveler


A chill of thrill and excitement runs through the spine no sooner we start planning for the trip. Visiting new place, meeting new people and learning new culture and tradition there is truly mesmerizing for anyone.

Ah, I love traveling and I am fond of it. Traveling experiences have developed me as a responsible traveler.  Yes, I am a responsible vacationer who considers few important things before, while and after the tour.

Keep all important documents in one place:

Never be irresponsible with your documents especially, passport and travel documents. Keep it safely in hand bag. Always get the photo copies of all important documents. Leave one copy of each at your home. I always take picture of each document and have it in digital form in my mobile. Such precaution will ensure peaceful travel and you do not need to worry even if the documents are lost or the hand bag is stolen.

Set priority:

Normally, people carry a lot of clothes and limited money while traveling. But my suggestion is: pack half of the clothes (only necessary) and carry double money than estimation. Consider two things strictly before traveling—climate of your travel destination and your stay days there. This will empty your bag pack by half. Do not miss essential things including medicines. Go through check list while packing.

Pre-book a taxi:

Generally, people leave their home for airport on time. But selection of unreliable transportation service to airport from home creates mess. Normally, passengers arrive late at airport due to unreliable means of transportation. I do not want to ruin my trip at very first step so I book a taxi from renowned company like ‘Alpha Best Taxi’ couple of days earlier of my scheduled departure date. There are two benefits of pre-booking—relatively low fare and on time. Always rely on experienced taxi-cab service provider in this regard.

Have a fun but stay alert:

This is another important thing that you have to consider in your destination country or state where you are traveling. Besides fun and enjoyment, your trip should be safe, sound and secure. Have a fun but stay alert.

Do not let stranger get in your hotel room. Inform hotel staff about your today’s itinerary. Keep in touch with your family members and friends. Convey them your entire tour/trek itinerary.

Never indulge in any kind of mass demonstration or procession. Do not brawl with locals. Respect local culture and norms and act as per rules and regulations of the country.

Find out the location of the embassy of your country in the destination country. Save its number in your mobile. Carry cash and be careful with your belongings. Dress appropriately and do not share all information about you with unknown people.

Well, these are my experiences and I am sure this is handy for you.

Enjoy life and keep on traveling. The world is round and I hope we will meet in some place one day J

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