Economics? Learn Taxo-Nomics For Free Friday Ride


Taxi is associated with meter just like a pen with ink and bread with butter. There is one more thing that is directly related between you and taxi meter—your heart beat. Faster the meter moves, up goes (increases) the heart beat. Why? The figure appearing in the meter is your expense and it directly attacks your back pocket (wallet).

Whenever I get in taxi I am often remained by a humorous statement made by one of my friends. He once said that nobody in the world can make eye contact with meter. “Stare at fare-box and it stares at your wallet.”

Well, he might be right but the statement does not suit well in today’s scenario of taxi especially, with Alpha Best Taxi. With us (Alpha Best Taxi), you save. The farther you go the more you save.

During my high school days, somewhere in economics I read that individual saving is virtue. If it is virtue then everybody should have access over it. Hence, we stepped up with the concept of saving while riding—20 per cent discount in any trip of over $30.

This is an interesting offer announced by us to our clients and it is handy for everyone especially, commuters. How? Let us suppose that you travel everyday in our taxi (from Monday to Friday) and the meter reads $31 per trip. It means you will be paying $24.8 after the discount as you save $6.2 in every trip. In four days you will save $24.8 which means on fifth day you will be riding free. And, we call this free Friday ride.

This is world of Taxo-nomics (taxi+economics) where Alpha Best Taxi aims to spread smile of its customers in the air of Georgia. Yes, we are doing this and our regular customers are celebrating free Friday ride every week.

Probably, we are the first taxi service providing company in the US that stepped-up with the concept of free Friday ride. We further aim to take this concept into another level as a global movement and the people of Georgia (our customers) are fully supporting us in this regard. If the matter clicks then it is going to be a BIG GIFT from Alpha Best Taxi and the people of Georgia to the regular taxi customers of entire world. And, we know the concept will at least dent Georgia based taxi market in coming days and from that day onwards people will truly “call the best and forget the rest”! They will simply make a call to Alpha Best Taxi because pioneer always comes at the first.

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