Fairy tale Disneyland Hacks


You are never too old to give up on whatever you wished for. If you are looking forward to visit some place with your friends or family, Disneyland is the place to be at. Here are some of the fun hacks you ought to know prior leaving. Have a read.

1. Ask for a pin.


You can get free pins at Main Street City Hall, if you’re visiting the park for a special occasion! Whether you’re recently engaged, someone’s is celebrating a birthday, or if it’s your first time in the park, the friendly City Hall cast members will be happy to give you a celebratory button.


2. Use websites.


To locate your favorite Disneyland characters you can use the official website of Disneyland. If you’re on the hunt for a specific character during your day at the park, use Finding Mickey to determine their whereabouts.


3. Food and drinks into the park


You can save a lot of money on snacks, because Disneyland allows guests to bring in their own meals. Happy inside leads to happy outside. Keep your stomach full with your own food for the rest of the visit. Happy Disneyland!


4. Walt’s special bench for inspiration.


You can sit on the Griffith Park bench, where Walt Disney dreamt-up Disneyland at the Main Street Opera House.

5. Buying souvenirs ahead of time.


Candy, Disney plush toys, and other brand souvenirs are comparatively costly within the park. To get them in low price, you can buy your souvenirs ahead of time at Disney stores!


6. Pressed pennies make wonderful (and cheap!) souvenirs.


If you’re tight on funds but want a token from your travels, these Disney pennies are the ideal option! Disneyland’s penny-press machines churn out the most affordable souvenirs in the entire park.

7. All snacks are not equal, with price.


The best way to save money in the park is by bringing your own food. Disneyland’s appetizing eats are all part of the experience. Sketch a layout ahead to figure out the best dining deals for your vacation, Dole Whip to character-dining experiences.


8. Get free souvenirs simply by asking.


Any cast member at the Jungle Cruise will be well timed to yield you a free antique-style map if you ask nicely. The captain on Mark Twain’s Riverboat may also award you with a remarkable certificate if you request to steer the vessel.


9. Summer for longer hours in Disneyland. ‘Better deal!’


If you’re looking to get the most for your money, visiting during the summer season is the best! During summer hours, Disneyland stays open until midnight.

10. Your Disneyland store purchases can be held at will call or sent to your room.

If you settle to shop during your time at the park, ask the store cast associate about dispatching your purchases to will call. This way, you won’t be thrust hold on to bags and boxes for the rest of your day at Disneyland! Disney hotel guests are also able to dispatch store purchases straightaway to their rooms, so be certain not to waste energy toting heavy souvenirs.


11. A special seat on the Disneyland Railroad.


If you ask, you can have things that you never thought you could get. It’s not a guaranteed perk, asking nicely about the tender seat on the Disneyland Railroad locomotive might get you invited to excursion up front with the conductor. While the tender seat is very small, the experience of riding in the tender is something most Disney guest will nevermore get to relish.

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