Fundamental Rights of Taxi Passengers


Taxi is probably the most convenient means of transportation in the US. More than 50,000 taxis roll on the road of New York alone. It is reported that around 300,000 passengers reach to their destination through taxi every day in New York.

Taxi passengers have certain rights which they might not know. In this blog we will highlight the rights of taxi passenger:

Right to meter:

It is the right of the taxi passenger to know the condition of meter installed in the taxi. Cab drivers are not allowed to ride passengers in a taxi with broken or defective meter. The fare on the meter should be clearly visible to the passenger. Meter should be turned on no sooner the ride with passenger begins.

No multiple hiring:

Once the taxi is hired by somebody the driver is not entitled to hire another party. No, matter the other party may be heading towards the same destination where the first is. The cab should give complete service to the first person throughout the ride.

In case, if a passenger agrees for multiple hiring then in that case the driver is entitled to share the ride with other party but the condition being both the passengers should travel in same direction or near around. Each hirer is entitled to pay not more than 75 per cent of what meter reads.

Produce receipt:

Driver should produce legal receipt to the customer as per the demand of hirer. The driver should be responsible in explaining calculation of fare charge to customer, if asked. The produced invoice should have following details:

  • Taxi number
  • Driver’s accreditation number
  • Payment date
  • Driver’s ABN
  • Total paid amount
  • Everything that make up the total fare
  • Signature of the driver

Right to sound system:

A passenger can ask driver for music system on or tune in to radio or vice-versa. It is up to the passenger whether s/he wants conversation with the driver or not while on the journey.

Choice of the route:

It is the right of the passenger to make the choice of the route to reach at designated destination. Driver should suggest the shortest and safest route to the passenger.

Clean cab:

The cab should be neat, clean and tidy. It should follow all the standards of neat and clean cab service. The cab should be roadworthy and customer should be able to accommodate in it without any complain regarding its cleanliness.

Licensed driver with accreditation:

A driver should carry driving license always and also should have current driver accreditation. The driver’s identity card is issued by Taxi Services Commission and it has got driver’s accreditation number, its expiry and photograph of the driver on it.

Air Condition:

Taxi should have air conditioner and that should be in proper condition. Passenger can ask for on or off of the conditioner. Driver’s is not responsible for setting the level of air flow that may create discomfort to him (driver).

Riding with assistance animals:

Driver should accept the passenger’s request if they are traveling with assistance animals. Normally, people with hearing or vision impairment take help of such animals like guide dogs.

In case of other animals, driver can refuse the request of passenger. But if passenger is willing to travel to vet with such animals then driver should allow.

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