Is Your kid Safe On Ride?


Are you riding in a taxi with kid/s? Well, consider few things before acceleration as it is directly related with the safety of your child. There are various laws in different states of the US in this regard and the core of all laws is to give you and your child a safe and sound ride.

Parents with kids are advised with different precautionary or safety tips while riding on a taxi with them (kids). Some of the suggestions are really absurd and unscientific. For instance, parents are told to buckle the seat belt with kids on lap so that belt can fasten both—child and parent.  This is something risky. But most of the parents consider it as safe way of travelling with kids.

Let me justify why aforementioned tip is risky?

Speed times weight is the equation which determines restraining force. Let us suppose that mother’s weight is 100 pound. She is in a car that is in a speed of 20 mph. Now there is a crash and it (crash) produces 2000 lbs (100X20=2000) force on the seat belt to restrain mother. The belt holds her from moving forward. Now the kid who is on her lap fastened with the belt will absorb entire force—2000 lbs. This is really dangerous for a young kid as s/he will bear the entire shock of the crash because the kid is in between the belt and parent.

How to ensure child’s safety while riding?

You can keep the kid in the seat next to you and fasten the seat belt over him/her. This is not the best solution but is at least safe than putting the kid on the lap. But do not forget to consider state’s law before doing this.

Moreover, kid with seat belt delivers peace of mind to you but the thing to meditate is: does the belt really fasten the kid? You might think that the well buckled belt has fastened the kid with the seat. Observe it once again and you will notice the problem.

Normally, seat belts are designed for adults. It properly makes contact with the hips and shoulder of grownups. The belt cannot function in the same way with the kid as it does with adult.

Furthermore, the belt cause discomfort to child as the belt reaches in their neck. They (kid) want comfort by putting the belt behind them or under the arm. In such instance, the belt covers their stomach area and this can be more dangerous.

So the safest way to travel with a kid in a taxi is to bring your own car seat or booster seat. This will deliver safety to your kid and secure peace of your mind at the same time.

You can also ask for infant car seat with the service provider at the time of booking. But this is only effective if you book the taxi a couple of days prior to journey. In case of urgency, it may not be available. So, we suggest you to get your own infant car seat. This will save your additional cost for booster seat.

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