Super Moms are The Blessed One


This blog is especially dedicated to my husband and Alpha Best Taxi as their timely service triggered my writing interest. I know I am not a good writer but I am a super mother and I guess this is the true story of every working mom.

Did you hear about supersonic speed? Well, I did it when I was at my teen. Simply saying, an object traveling faster than sound is called supersonic speed. The sound travels at the speed of 340.29 meter/second and the object traveling in supersonic speed exceeds the speed of sound.

You might be thinking why I am talking about speed? Well, being a working mother is all about fulfilling family responsibilities in speed. Trust me, I am not exaggerating. She is swift physically and mentally, she exceeds the speed of sound.

Wakeup early, get fresh, get breakfast ready, prepare child to school, take kid to bus stop and get back home in rapid speed. Now start combating second phase of similar chores repeatedly with husband.

She repeatedly asks husband to leave the bed and the incident triggers crossfire of words between the partners—one on the bed and other off the bed. After exchanging series of words like wakeup, enough is enough, ok, five more minutes….. And ultimately, wife wins and pushes husband to bathroom and she gears to kitchen. Of course, this time for adult kid—husband.

She feeds him and gets done with his office clothes. This is exactly the time when another small argument takes place between couples regarding whereabouts of socks. Finally, wife appears with hosiery and this leads to the end of today’s episode but it is the socks that steal the show almost every morning.

Huh! Now it is my turn to get prepared for office. But before that once again I lock horn with the dishes and cooking sets in the kitchen, make beds and put things in right place.

This is my everyday routine and I am conditioned to it.

I had job interview in Clarkston at 9:15am last week. As usual, I was occupied throughout the morning. Suddenly, I got a reminder call 20 minutes prior to scheduled interview from the office where I applied for.

I was nervous and stressed because I was running out of the time and the drive distance between George Mountain, where I live in, and Clarkston is 11 minute via E Ponce de Leon Ave.

In the mean time, I got a surprise call from Alpha Best Taxi. The driver with the vehicle was just outside my home and waiting for me. It was a kind of miracle happening. Meanwhile, my husband appeared to me, hugged and simply whispered in my ear: “All the best.”

It was one of the best yet nervy moments of my life but I did not have time to hold it. I thanked my husband in my heart and took no time to dress up. He paved me to the taxi, opened the door and said: “You are a super mom who gets everything done in last moment so no need to panic. You will be there in 11 minute with four minutes in spare. Now do not waste those four minutes here with me.” We smiled.

While on the ride I asked the driver who booked the taxi for me and he said that it was John Brown. He booked it as emergency ride around half an hour back. My heart was melting for my husband because I shared about my interview with him yesterday night.

Thanks to Alpha Best Taxi for their reliable timely service as I arrived at my destination on time and appeared the interview with happy heart.

Today, after a week of my interview, I received a congratulatory mail from the office were I had had my interview last week.

Thanks to John and thanks to Alpha Best Taxi.

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