Taxi cab etiquette- Guide to a best taxi experience


No matter how you travel, you’ll need a taxi ride at some point of time. If this is the first time you’ve scheduled a taxi cab, you need to know how to interact with your taxi driver. Whether you need a ride to the airport, or you’ve planned a night out on the town with your friends, you need to know the basic etiquette so as to experience a fun and hassle-free taxi ride.

Below are few of the basics of taxi etiquette. Use these tips and ensure that you have the best possible taxi experience in your life.

  1. Try not to eat anything during the ride

Even though you have had no time to grab a bite before you ran out the door, you shouldn’t bring your food into the taxi. The smell of the food might make the driver uncomfortable, and if the food has a pungentsmell, it could make the future passengers uncomfortable too. Even worse, if the food spills, it could stain the upholstery as well.

  1. Keep drinks to a minimum

Drinks are allowed by some taxi drivers since they do not smell as pungent. However, drinks tend to spill and stain more easily than food items. This could cost the cab companies, as they have to pay to clean the stain off the cab’s upholstery and if the stains are too bad, they have to replace the upholstery itself. So you’d better avoid bringing drinks to the taxi.

  1. When you leave, take all the trash with you

Think of entering a cab covered with food wrappers, dirty tissues, and crumbs. Would you feel comfortable? Obviously not, and following passenger wouldn’t feel comfortable either. So, take all the trash when you leave.

  1. Don’t ask your driver to take on too many passengers

You can absolutely not exceed the cab’s passenger limit. There may be some friends or colleagues who wish to join your ride at the last minute, but do not ask your driver to cram all of them in. Instead, call for another cab or arrange a van, if you all can’t fit in the single cab.

  1. Don’t ask you driver to speed

You might be in hurry and need to rush to your destination, but you cannot ask your taxi driver to drive over the speed limit. If you think traffic and logistics is going to make you late, schedule an early ride, but you definitely cannot ask your driver to run red lights, or blow through stop signs to get you to your destination on time.

  1. Don’t get frustrated if traffic puts you behind schedule

Again, your driver has nothing to do with the traffic, constructions, or accidents. So, do not get frustrated or yell at your driver. Your driver is likely to feel frustrated as you do, and if you start yelling, you’ll only make his/her tension worse.

  1. Be polite

Some drivers are talkative and like to know their passengers. However, if you don’t wish to talk, reply with short answers, one or two words may be. Short answer signals the driver that you don’t want to talk. Else, you can simply state that you don’t feel like chatting. Conversely, if your driver is not much talkative, give him/her space.

  1. Let your driver know if you have a preferred route

Most taxi drivers will take you on the direct route. However, if youalready have a preferred route, tell your driver. If the driver thinks your preferred route is convenient, he/she will happily take you through it. Else he/she will let you know.

  1. Let your driver know if you do not like the music

Since cab acts as the driver’s office space, the driver might wish to play some music, and gets to pick from his/her choice. However, you can always tell the driver if you do not like the music, or request to turn the volume down.

  1. Let your driver know if you are about to arrive at your destination

If your preferred destination or drop-off location approaches, let your driver know in advance so that he/she can safely move over. Sudden stops may prove to be dangerous. So give enough warnings as you are about to arrive at your destination.

  1. Leave a tip

Lastly, do not forget to leave a tip. Give at least a basic tip of 10% to your driver, but if your driver helps you with bags and stuffs, leaving a larger tip is no harm.

For a pleasant and respectful ride, do follow the guides mentioned above.

Do find a reliable taxi service for you. Have a happy ride!


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  1. I really appreciate a good post like this. I like the point that says take all the trash with you because most often than not people tend to throw their stuffs in the cab. So there is a good point there.

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