Taxi frauds you should be aware of


Ever wondered, if you got ripped-off by a taxi driver? We all have heard about the pickpockets and scams while travelling. We, as a traveler, think that we are smart enough to avoid getting fooled. But, the truth is, we always fall in the traps of a taxi driver. Also, when you take a taxi occasionally, you are highly prone to the taxi scams. Here are the most common travel frauds.

Broken Taxi meter

Cab drivers are very clever to break down the taxi meter especially near the airport area. Then they claim that the meter is broken and charge you as they will. Therefore, you should avoid such scam by pre-negotiating, or you can ensure that the meter is working properly. In case if the driver refuses to turn on the meter, you have the option to get out of the car and look for another cab.

Don’t have the change

This is very common and simple fooling technique used by the driver. As it seems inexpensive, many people tend to tip the driver with the remaining money. You can avoid this sort of scam by simply making sure to take the change.

Long hauling

Long hauling simply means “taking the scenic route”. This involves taking you in a long as well as complicated route to make you confused even if you are well-known about the city. So, be extra careful while traveling because there are lots of drivers waiting to snatch your money away from you by using different fraud ideas. You can avoid this by keeping a map with you while travelling. Or, using a travel app can also be a great idea.

Additional Charges

Few of the taxi cabs take extra charge for the luggage, toll fees as well as additional passenger. But few are decent enough to not charge you for something you’re not supposed to pay for such as credit card payment fee. So, you may want to know the detailed rules and be prepared for the alternatives to avoid being a rat on the trap.

Unlicensed drivers

These types of scammers are mostly found in the airport or tourist hotspots claiming to be a taxi driver. They avoid official taxi parking areas, so it is easy to discover them. They look like real drivers, as the taxis that they use look like the bona fide ones.


Well, that’s true, it feels embarrassing to be tricked out of your money, but you can learn from such incidents. Have you ever been the victim of a taxi scam?

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