Taxi Safety Precautions for Incident-Free Night Out


When you are planning a night out it’s better to be safe than sorry. Planning your route and knowing what to do in emergency situations will make your night out safe and fun.

taxi safety

The trend of travelling in cabs has become almost second nature to most of us. Any time you enter a taxi you surrender little control to another person who can be complete strangers to you. So it’s important to think carefully about your personal safety while travelling in a taxi, especially at night.

  • Being prepared. Tell someone where you are going before leaving home a n d when you expect to be back. With everyone carrying cellphones you can download apps that can help you stay connected with friends and know where one another are. Several of these apps also contain ways to broadcast your location quickly in case of emergency.
  • Plan your travel route. By knowing how to reach your destination and its surroundings and how much time require getting there, you will reduce your travel time and reduces the chances of getting lost in an unfamiliar area. Book a taxi and make sure that the taxi is registered.
  • Go in groups. There’s a saying, “there’s safety in numbers” and that is definitely a must when you are out for night out. Be in group of trusted members who have best interests in their hearts. The more trusted the members, more secure you feel and you can enjoy your night out.
  • Reserve a taxi service from a reliable company. Pre book a taxi service especially for your return trip home. Finding yourself alone miles from home in the early hours is a situation you want to avoid. It s better to plan your transport options when you are sober and avoid last minute and possibly risky decisions like taxi scams, safety. Order a taxicab service if possible that can notify you to let you know when the taxi is arriving.
  • When you are booking a taxi, ask the dispatcher vehicle details like name of driver as well as make, model and registration number the cab.
  • When you are booking a cab from public place, make sure you are not overheard by passersby; never disclose your full name and full address.
  • You may be tempted to get into the cab as soon as it arrives but before jumping into ordered taxi make sure it is one you ordered. Ask the driver about their passenger name and their company’s name.
  • Sit in the back. Safest seat is the one behind the driver’s seat as you are furthest out of reach. If you are travelling alone sit in the middle and keep your belongings on your person. If a group of you are taking the taxi, ensure the last person to be dropped off sits there.
  • Ride with the windows closed or nearly closed and your phone handy. Thieves are always looking for easy targets and with your little effort you can avoid being victim.
  • Taxi drivers do know things about the roads such as short cuts but it’s in your best interest to use your known route to reach your destination. If you don’t feel comfortable with taxi that arrives or when your instincts say to get off, get off the taxi in well-lit crowded place instead of dark alleys and take another taxi.
  • If you take up chatting with your taxi driver, keep the talks to professional and general topics. Don’t divulge any personal information. Try to keep the conversation polite but professional and about every day matters.
  • Have your keys ready. When you have reached your destination, ask the driver to wait until you are inside. They should be willing to do this because it will make it more likely you will use their service again in future.


As with everything in life not everything goes according to plan – something happens to our phones or you had little too much drink. Finding yourself in sticky situation doesn’t necessarily mean you need to panic. There are several steps you can take to make tough circumstances better by preparing beforehand.

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