Top Tips On How To Pack Light


Packing too much luggage can put a crimp in your traveling style because when you have too many bags, you spend too much time waiting to claim them, have problems with taxi services and it’s never fun to keep lugging them around. For this reason, the next time you intend to travel, packing light should be your first goal. Of course, that’s easier said than done but the key is reducing your luggage to one or two bags is carrying only what is necessary. Ask yourself as you pack, “do I really need this, can I buy it cheap where am going?” There are things you need not drag around because you can get them in the city.


Having a checklist ensures that you don’t forget anything. You should start with toiletries and things like shampoo and soap that are offered at hotels so don’t take them. This will also eliminate any cahances of having them leak in the luggage and if you must, you can buy them at stores in London. You should take small packs of toothpastes, make-up and deodorant as well.


As important as clothes are, you really don’t need more than two bags. Take a few neutral pieces coordinating them well and if you will have access to laundry, two pairs of pants and three shirts will take you a week. You will actually not need more than two pairs per day and when you have clothes that can be interchangeable, the better, because you won’t feel like you have one outfit. You should coordinate with the shoes as well.

You should have some essentials in your carry-on bag because sometimes it just so happens that you lose your luggage, which can be a nightmare. Make sure there are a few undergarments, at least two generic outfits as well as your documents in the carry-on bag to avoid difficult times.

Of course, you should not forget to leave some room for the souvenirs you will buy or just carry a small empty bag to put the things you pick on the way.

Your Luggage

You might not know this but sometimes the weight of your luggage really depends on the bags. Some bags are just too heavy even when empty and getting in minicabs in the city will be a problem so try to go for square soft-sided bags to make the luggage lighter for you to move around.


If you have been on trip before, think of all the things you took along and how much you used each one of them. This way, you will be able to cut on the things you did not need because you will not need them for this trip either. Check out Mobb Taxi for more minicab Fulham service info.

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