Why prefer Alpha Best Taxi in Lithonia, GA?


Alpha Best Taxi has been providing reliable taxi cab service throughout Dekalb and Gwinnet Counties for over 15 years. We have been efficiently operating our reliable yellow cab services with comfort and reliability ever since our inception for taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA.

Lithonia lies in the heart of the Georgian granite-quarrying region with a rich history of rock quarries. Lithonia is also known as city of stones. It connects the sumptuous Stone Mountain in the viewing range. With the richness of granite embedded underneath, Lithonia is composed mainly of rocks.

If you are planning to visit this city of stone or you are travelling over the city landmarks, you’ll probably need a ride. If you do wish to hire a local yellow taxi cab service, then Alpha Best Taxi is your best option. Here’s why.

Taxi Cab service in Lithonia, GA – Alpha Best Taxi

 Licensed and Insured

Our introductory policies always emphasizes on licensed taxi drivers. Only licensed taxi cab drivers for Lithonia Taxi can maneuver to the intended place without any trouble. You don’t want to be a hitchhiker in middle of the road. You do want to rely on traveling partners that can safely drive you to your preferred destination.

Hence, you can always rely on our licensed drivers and insured vehicles. We will safeguard you against frauds and accidents. So, there is no need to worry with our taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA.


When it comes to safety, a taxi service always takes away the spotlight due to customized services it offers. Everyone wants to feel safe and secured when travelling in a new city. If you feel insecure in a public transportation, you may as well go for our taxi ride.

At Alpha Best Taxi, safety is a key element behind our regulations for regular vehicle maintenance, inspection and our driver’s training and education. We empower our cab drivers with safe driving practices and other necessary safety precautions. Your safety comes first on our priority list.

On time services

It is true that taxi services are convenient and one of the best option for a quick ride in the city. With public transportation, you have to go according to their schedules, but not with our private Lithonia taxi service. With us, it is always our best intent to make sure get to your destination on time.

Service options

When you hire Alpha Best taxi, you may opt for various services. You could choose from our airport services, hotel transportation, door to door services, taxi service for night outs, taxi service for long tours, and many others depending upon your traveling requirements.


We offer flexible taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA and surrounding areas that include Stone Mountain, Decatur, Tucker, Snellville, Lilburn, Loganville, Scottdale, Clarkston and Atlanta, GA. You can cruise around the city and not be restrained by public transportation schedules and their rules. Our yellow cab services are available 24/7. Our taxi serves as a primary transportation due to our flexible working hours.

For many people with disabilities, especially those who are unable to drive or use conventional public transport, taxis and private hire vehicles are very important means of getting around. We are increasingly aware of and trained to assist passengers with special needs.

 Comfortable Travel Experience

You don’t want to look uptight when you plan to travel to your desired location. We all want a smooth and comfortable taxi service. With Alpha Best Taxi as your traveling partner, you can simply relax and enjoy the ride while our driver navigates you to your desired place.

If you are new to this city, you do realize the trouble of inadequate geographical knowledge. Don’t you? You can simply book our  taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA in advance, rather than being on your own. You don’t need to worry about the routes, as we are self-acquainted with different routes and places in Lithonia.

We offer 20% discount on early online reservations.


Professionalism matters to us. With utmost elegance in your taxi ride, we will deliver our  taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA with professionalism. We are well accustomed to the cultural norms. By professionalism, we emphasize on catering towards the customers need first. Our taxi drivers are pleasant and polite; they are all professionals.

Friendly drivers

Most of us prefer fun and exciting journey to a dull and boring one. If your destination is particularly long, you may get bored on your way. You don’t want to have an awkward encounter with the drivers. The ongoing silence during the journey may freak out some people and hence, trigger uneasiness.

That’s when you will require friendly driver. Therefore, at Alpha Best Taxi, we encourage all our drivers to be friendly and courteous when in need. It is in our best interest to serve you right.


A foul stench from a car can distress any passenger which may question the service quality. For better journey, we take utmost care in getting our taxis cleaned. Our cars are well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned before every service. It is our primary duty to serve you with greater satisfaction and deliver quality services.

Easily Accessible

Our  taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA is easily accessible. You can simply make your reservation online by filling simple details and we will contact you. Or you can also call us on following numbers:

  • (404) 292 9877
  • (404) 333 7766
  • (404) 292 9807
  • (678) 887 4372

We offer 20% discount on early online reservations.

Taxi has always been an important form of transportation. Understanding the current needs of people, we offer varied services and quality services to make sure our customers are satisfied. Next time you need to get around the city, hire our taxi cab service in Lithonia, GA for your own benefit.

So flush your thoughts before making any judgment and enjoy the reliable and affordable  taxi service with Alpha Best Taxi.

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